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Anacapa Island 

Day Trip Fares

Adult             13-54 years of age                 $59.00

Child             3-12 years of age                   $41.00

Senior           55 years of age and up         $54.00

Infant            2  years of age and under     $00.00
Must be Reserved

Camper Transportation

Adult             13-54 years of age                 $79.00

Child             3-12 years of age                   $57.00

Senior           55 years of age and up         $74.00

Infant            2  years of age and under     $00.00
Must be Reserved

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Anacapa is comprised of three small islets; East, Middle, and West. Anacapa is the second smallest island in the Channel Islands chain.  At almost five miles long it is a total land size of one square mile or 700 acres.  Exploration is permitted on the east islet, accessed via the Landing Cove, and a small beach on the west islet called Frenchys Cove. The middle islet and most of the western islet remain a wilderness area set aside for nesting seabirds, like the endangered California Brown Pelican.

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Anacapa is the closest island to the mainland, just 12 miles from the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. Most of Island Packers departures to East Anacapa Island are from our location in the Channel Islands Harbor. Travel Time is approximately one hour, a little longer if we come across interesting wildlife in the channel. To access the plateau you must climb 157 steps. Take your time it is a beuatiful assention.

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The lgihthouse built in 1932 is still in use today. The revival style buidings were built at the same time and are now used by Natiiona Park Service perosnel and researchers.  Use cuation on aproach to the light house as it is extremely loud when in use on foggy days. You may not enter the lighthouse.

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Irrosion over thousands of years has worn away the coastline of Anacapa Island . The result are dramatic cliffs, sea caves and natural bridges as well as the 40 ft. high Arch Rock which has become the symbol for the island as well as the National Park

Seasonal Highlights
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From February through April, Anacapa is a rainbow of color created by the bloom of native wildflowers. Intensity and duration of the bloom differs a bit each year due to varied rainfall and temperature.

As the spring bloom fades the island comes alive with the cry of Western Gulls guarding their nests of eggs. Chicks usually hatch at about 5 weeks after being laid and fledge the nest at about 6 to 7 weeks of age.

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In Late Spring the “Anacapa Live” video program begins. Visitors can experience a live virtual tour of the kelp forest when they watch the video program. 

More NPS Information

Winter Whale Watching begins on December 26 and runs through Mis-d April.  Traveling to the warm waters of Mexico these whales pass by the islands every year.  

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