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San Miguel Island Camping

To camp in the Channel Islands National Park you must have both a boat reservation and a campground reservation. By clicking the two middle buttons below you will be able to view the reservation system for the boat and for the campground in two separate windows. You can use these programs to check availability.

Camper Transportation

Adult             13-54 years of age                 $147.00

Child             3-12 years of age                   $126.00

Senior           55 years of age and up         $136.00

Infant            2  years of age and under      $00.00
Must be Reserved

The campground has nine sites with each site holding up to a maximum of four people. There is no drinking water so you must bring your own to last the duration of our visit. Distance to the campground is approximately one mile and includes a steep trail. Sites are not specific when reserving.

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The landing at San Miguel is at Cuyler Harbor via a shore boat or skiff. The skiff will take you ashore through the surf to one of the most beautiful beaches in California.

Because of the beach landing, it is recommended that all non-waterproof gear be placed in plastic bags or dry bags before being packed in your backpack. Do not pack all your gear (backpack) with a garbage bag on the outside as they tear easily and are difficult to handle.

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To reach the campgrounds you must climb a steep half mile trail that winds up Nidever Canyon marked by a monument placed for Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo on the hill above the harbor.

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Another half mile from the monument is the campground. Sites are equipped with picnic tables, small food storage box, and wind breaks. The campground has a vault toilet. There is no water available.

Due to the variable weather and potentially high winds, it is recommended that campers use a four season tent and bring extra guy lines as well as stakes.

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Campers will be offered various guided hikes which may include Lester Point, Caliche Forest, Harris Point and Point Bennett.

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Point Bennett is a 16-mile round trip hike to one of the largest pinniped rookeries in the world which can be covered with over ten thousand seals and sea lions.

The Point Bennett hike goes past an interesting geologic formation called the Caliche Forest. Caliche is a calcium carbonate cast of ancient roots and other vegetable matter that decomposed long ago.  The Caliche Forest hike may be offered separately from the Point Bennett hike.

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Camper Weather Warning

Year round at San Miguel Island weather/ocean conditions may prevent Island Packers from picking you up on your scheduled day of departure. You will need to make sure Island Packers schedule has not been changed due to ocean/weather conditions before you leave the camping area for the day. Schedule changes are relayed to the park in the morning and the ranger will have schedule change information. Campers should come prepared with extra food in case weather or beach landing conditions prevents us from our planned pick up.

What You Need for a GREAT Camping Trip

  • An Island Packers reservation
  • A campsite reservation
  • Food for your time on the island. (no store or restaurant)
  • Water for your time on the island (no potable water).  One gallon per day per person is suggested.
  • Kitchen utensils and camp stove (No campfires are permitted)
  • A sturdy tent with full guys and stakes and sleeping bag(s)
  • Gear that meets the Island Packers Restrictions/Guidelines
  • Warm cloths for the cool evenings that can occur year round.
  • Hat, sunscreen and a long sleve shirt for sun protection.  There is no shade on San Miguel Island.
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